WPINJ offers a powerful outbound SIP trunking solution, enabling customers to reach fixed, mobile and toll-free phones around the globe. Outbound SIP traffic provided via WPINJ high-capacity, global platform, and directly peered with a range of selected partners. This partnership ensures excellent audio quality, ultra-high availability and rock-solid reliability.

The network is fully scalable, and WPINJ's outbound SIP trunks provide unlimited concurrent call capacity. Users may add as many trunks as required to support their specific communications model. Services can be enabled through WPINJ's online user panel instantly.

Virtual Numbers (WPIDID, WPI800)

WPINJ provides premium quality global voice origination services combined with the largest international coverage of local, national, mobile and toll-free virtual numbers. We offer virtual numbers from more than 50 countries and 8,000 cities. These virtual numbers are readily available in our stock and may be immediately activated by using our web portal. Telephone numbers from cities that are not in stock can be delivered in a few days.

WPI800 Toll-free
Outbound Service